Featured: 1 Stop Wash collaborates with!

Recently, the team at 1 Stop Wash got a great chance to work with the the popular US home improvement site! Find out 1 Stop Wash’s top 10 ways to keep your bedding clean so that you and your family can get consistently get a great nights sleep. 


Scroll down to ‘What’s the best way to keep my bedding clean?’ to catch our exclusive feature!


Find out more about our very own bedding service and let 1 Stop Wash help you achieve ‘Less Laundry’ and ‘More Life’! 


July 2022 Update

1 Stop Wash was lucky to feature on again! This time we wrote up an answer on how to protect your laundry, especially bedding, from carrying Covid-19. Scroll down the page and find our top tips to keep your laundry free from Covid-19!



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