Commercial Laundry Services


    What is a commercial laundry service?
    A commercial laundry service is a service offered by some laundry businesses like 1 Stop Wash and it is usually provided to other businesses instead of individual customers and caters to many different sectors like hotels, hospitals and gyms.

    What type of businesses need commercial laundry services?
    There are a wide range of businesses and whole industries that rely on commercial laundry services like 1 Stop Wash.
    • Hotels and Airbnb hosts who need a commercial linen cleaning service for the large volume of sheets and towel guests use during their stays
    • Gyms, spas and health clubs who need a commercial towel cleaning service for items such as sweat towels, bath towels, face towels and robes for members.
    • Offices and residential buildings who require commercial towel and tablecloth cleaning services for staff showers and kitchen rooms.

    Why is a commercial laundry company important?
    A good commercial laundry service company will help save your business tens and thousands of pounds every year. 1 Stop Wash has a proven track record in providing end to end laundry services for many household names, helping businesses to allocate much needed resources elsewhere in the business that will make a greater impact to the bottom line.

    Is your commercial laundry service near me?
    1 Stop Wash provides its esteemed commercial laundry services across all of London.

    Are commercial laundry services eco friendly?
    We certainly are. One of our core focuses is to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to efficiency and sustainability. No other laundry invests more into their laundry technology than 1 Stop Wash.
    In April 2022, we partnered up with ClearThree (winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Sustainable Enterprise: Sustainable Development in 2021) by investing in state of the art Ozone laundry technology. It drastically reduces the consumption of gas, electricity, water, labour and chemicals whilst giving our clients full and total infection control. Textiles also last up to 50% longer through the use of this ground breaking technology which proves our credentials as a business that is always looking forward to the future.
    If you want to reduce your carbon footprint today, use our commercial laundry service.

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