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How Often Should You Clean Your Curtains

Looking for curtain cleaning services?

Like us, if you are a preacher of the motto “Less Laundry, More Life”, then you would certainly want to invest your time more on living life than washing clothes and curtains. Curtains add instant beauty to your home and interiors while also blocking the dust, harsh sunshine, and prying eyes from outsiders into your humble abode. But what’s the use of your beautiful curtains if they don’t get the regular cleaning? Curtain cleaning is something you shouldn’t ignore so here we are to help you with our guide on how often you should be cleaning your curtains.
What causes curtains to get dirty?
1 – Main Road Living
Living near a main road (which can be a norm for most Londoners) can be a very dusty business and it increases your chances of attracting and subsequent build-up of dirt and grime to all of your fabrics. Your curtains, in particular, act as a filter for dust and other airborne pollutants that enter your home through the windows and doors. This kind of accumulation of dirt demands a decent wash for curtains. You can get your curtains washed and cleaned regularly by laundry experts like 1 Stop Wash.
2 – Pets
Pets are cute, but it’s not always a wonderful feeling when they mess up the curtains and drapes. Cats may jump on drapes, climb them, and even scratch them. Cute dogs may chew on it and cuddle it depending on what material you opt for. Smaller pets, such as rabbits, ferrets, or birds, might ruin your new drapes. These undoubtedly cause your curtain to collect pet hair and dander and get unclean. Some people may acquire allergies due to this so it’s important you get your curtains cleaned properly and on a regular basis.
3 – Plants
You can adjust curtains to give the right amount of light to fall on your indoor plants. But these plants can produce spores and even attract bugs too. If regular cleaning of indoor plants is obstructed, then these bugs can grow, harming the plant and your room. Further, these bugs can make way to the curtains and later contribute to making your curtains dirty and damaged.
4 – Mould/Heating
When there is moisture and warmth in the home, it can lead to an increase in mold. As the temperature rises, the moisture in the air evaporates and is absorbed by the drapes. In absorbing this moisture, drapes can also take in any bacteria it holds. Bacteria can grow nastily if the curtains aren’t cleaned and its something you can avoid easily by getting your curtains cleaned by professional cleaners.
5 – Smoking
Smoking is a habit that people have to cope with stress. However, if you smoke inside your home, it can disturb the pleasant atmosphere of your rooms. Your curtains, too, are affected by the smoke. The fabric of curtains easily traps smoke particles from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Curtains can turn yellow and even smell like smoke.


6 – Kids
Kids can be naughty and, at the same time, curious about the world around them. While playing or getting into their discovery mode, they might throw food/drinks on curtains, wipe up their dirty hands, and even utilize curtains for their “Hide-and-Seek” game. Mainly, kids contribute to bringing stubborn spots of chocolate, coffee, and oil on curtains. These acts can undoubtedly add to parents’ laundry tasks.
So how often should I clean my curtains?
Curtains are certainly not something that needs to be cleaned every day. According to cleaning professionals in the laundry and dry-cleaning sector, you should ideally look to get your curtains cleaned every six to twelve months, depending on how many contacts they get from people in your household or business. Regular curtain washing ensures removing allergens, smoke, and saltiness brought by the sea are removed.
Methods of washing curtains
Cleaning professionals mostly recommend washing and ironing (depending on the type of fabric). Their washing method basically includes machine washing and dry cleaning.
Let’s learn about them in detail.
Machine Washing – Fully machine washable curtains can be cleaned by yourself. For this, you must look for a nice warm sunny day to let your clothes dry in the open air after a gentle machine wash cycle. Before adding curtains into the washing machine, you should remove all the curtain accessories. Putting a mesh bag on curtains can prevent fraying and damage from the washing machine’s spin. After washing, you can iron your curtains while they are still a little damp, then hang them up immediately to prevent wrinkling. For some people cleaning curtains can be overwhelming as they are comparatively longer and need more care. In addition, the long-length curtains may not get justified wash from your comparatively smaller washing machine, and your regular ironing board might become short. In this case, you can get professional help through a nearby laundry service.
Dry Cleaning – Further, curtains made of silk, linen, or other sensitive fabrics are expensive and need to be dealt with by professional dry cleaners. For these fabrics, washing machines may become harsh and cause damage, fading, and shrinking of curtains. So, in such a case, you must go for a professional dry curtain cleaning service.
Where to get curtain dry cleaning services in London?
Numerous dry cleaners in London offer you a dry cleaning service for your curtains. We, at 1 Stop Wash, are a leading name in dry cleaning services in London. Our cleaning is done by professionals who ensure to give the best cleaning to your beloved curtains. Moreover, our customers are also happy with many other services we provide like laundry, repairs and alterations and luxury dry cleaning services.
So if you are looking for dry cleaners in London who knows their way around cleaning curtains, then don’t hesitate  and visit our website or visit our shop in person at Kings Cross, London.

Looking for curtain cleaning services?

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