Cushion & Sofa Cover Dry Cleaning in London

1 Stop Wash Dry Cleaners offer a professional eco and toxic-free cushion & sofa cover dry cleaning service for your household items.

We have over 10 years of experience in the field cleaning all types of sofa and cushion cover materials like microfibre and suede – no matter the stain (including dog pee!), our team of experts will make sure your items are feeling and smelling fresh.


Velvet cushion covers being air dried

Cushion and Couch Cleaning of the highest standard

We have been offering cushion and sofa cover dry cleaning service to our customers for the past 10 years using our health-friendly dry cleaning method – we call this wet cleaning.

It is recommended that you must clean your cushion and sofa covers once every 3-6 months.

Many of our customers always ask us what the best way to clean cushion or sofa covers is. In most cases, dry cleaning is the best method to thoroughly clean the items, but in some cases, laundry also works.

Our process begins with a close look into the cleaning instructions with the aim of getting a feel of the material, design and inspecting any stains on the covers.

After inspection, we begin our intensive stain removal process where we use special liquids to treat the stains.

We then use our super large laundry or eco dry cleaning machines to make sure your items are thoroughly washed and the detergents immerses it self into the items – we use a delicate program which uses less mechanical action and a lower temperature – this avoids any shrinkage.

The final stage of the process entails us air drying the sofa or cushion covers overnight and professionally hand pressing the items. We then neatly fold and package the items, ready to be pick up or delivered to your home.

Worried about the prices? Fear no more as our service is known to be cheap compared to the exceptional quality and service we offer.

Prices begin from just £4 for our cushion cleaning and £13 for our sofa cover cleaning.

For a full list and prices of our eco dry cleaning services, check out our price calculator.

We give our customers the opportunity to visit our kings cross dry cleaner shop, they can also conveniently schedule a free pick up and delivery.

If you have any questions regarding our cushion and sofa cover dry cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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FAQ's for our Sofa Cover & Cushion Cleaning Service

What are your cushion and sofa cover cleaning prices?

Cushion cleaning starts from £4 and sofa cover cleaning starts from £13. For an accurate cost of cleaning, check out our price calculator.

Do you offer collection and delivery?

Yes, we offer free collection and delivery as well as encouraging customers to come to our Kings Cross shop.

Can I wash my covers in the wash?

We don’t recommend cleaning sofa covers or cushion covers in a regular wash as there is risk of shrinkage.  If anything, it would be wise to come in store for a free consultation on what best action to take to care for your items.

How long does your service take?

A minimum of 3 days but we also have rush delivery (48hr) if needed.

What do I do before my first pick up?

Simply put your clothes to be dry cleaned in a separate bag, if you are using more than one service e.g ironing only or washed and ironed service, then separate the garments into separate bags depending on the service you’d like. Then just have your phone nearby and wait for our driver notification to let you know of his arrival for pick up.

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