Repairs & Alterations Clothing Service In London

Expert Alteration Service that brings your Garments back to Life!

1 Stop Wash Dry Cleaners have offered a professional clothing repair and alteration service for over 10 years. Our tailor has over 25 years of experience repairing all types of garments such as dresses, blouses, suits, trousers, coats, wedding dresses, curtains and Indian suits too.



Our tailor has over 25 years of experience

A Tailor That You Can Trust!

Our seamstress has over two decades of experience working on the most specialised of garments, our tailoring service is especially useful for anyone looking to refit into their existing garments such as suits and dresses for work or for general fashion. It’s also useful for those that have special events to attend such as prom’s, weddings and seasonal parties.

In our Kings Cross shop, we have a gents and ladies fitting room so that you can get an accurate measurement of the garment you need altered.

Our list of services for repairs & alterations include:

  • Shortening of trousers, dresses, sleeves and other garments
  • Taking the waist in for trousers, dresses etc.
  • Button repair
  • Adding pockets
  • Hemming Service
  • Tapering Service
  • Zip repair
  • Patches
  • Hem service
  • Curtain Shortening Service


Worried about the price? Don’t worry, our customers always tell us that the cost of our tailoring service is cheap compared to the exceptional quality we offer.

For a full list and prices of our repairs and alterations service, check out our price calculator.

We recommend customers to come locally to our Kings Cross dry cleaner shop so our tailor can have a visual idea of your requirements.

Alternatively, you can schedule a free collection and delivery of your garments, make sure a good description of the job is added to your order notes.

We also provide a toxic free dry cleaning process that compliment our tailoring service.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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FAQ's for our Repairs & Alterations Service

How much do repairs and alterations cost?

The cost of the repair or alteration varies on a case by case basis, the job is usually priced on the basis of how long the repair or alteration will take and the difficulty of it. Check out our price calculator to get an estimated price of the job. If you require a job that’s bespoke, contact us at

Who carries out the repairs and alteration?

We have an in house tailor who has over 20 years of experience of dealing with all sorts of garments. As well as this, we work with a network of experienced tailors whenever certain bespoke jobs are out of range for our in-house tailor.

How do I take measurements for my repair or alterations?

Certain alteration jobs are easy to do measurements such as length of trouser/dress whereas other ones such as tapering can be quite difficult and requires a tailor to do measurements. This is why we encourage to take time to come in-store for these types of jobs. A popular way in which customers can get accurate measurements is by giving an item that is perfect fit to the tailor who will then replicate its fit on the item you intend to repair or do alterations on.

What types of alterations do you do?

We have a wide variety of different jobs we can do such as sleeve and trouser shortening, re hemming, tapering and zip repairs. However no job is to big for us and we like to solve problems for our customers, so if you have a job that is quite bespoke, get in touch with us

How long does your repair and alteration service take?

 Repairs and alterations can take up to 3-4 days depending on the job, we will always be in touch if we need more time.

What do I do before my first pick up?

Simply put your clothes to be dry cleaned in a separate bag, if you are using more than one service e.g ironing only or washed and ironed service, then separate the garments into separate bags depending on the service you’d like. Then just have your phone nearby and wait for our driver notification to let you know of his arrival for pick up.

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