1 Stop Wash is one of the only and most advanced eco-friendly dry cleaning companies in London. Upon launching in 2012, we set off on a deep-rooted mission to provide the best possible customer care whilst cleaning up the current toxic dry cleaning industry. Having processed thousands of orders using our wet cleaning technology, we’re well on our way to improving people’s health and the environment!

No perc, No petroleum, No Gimmicks!

PERC is a threat to our health, our children, pets and our environment. We are exposed to this toxic chemical via our skin when wearing clothes which it has been used on. We also risk exposure through air and water, which it gets into via the traditional dry cleaning process.

Our eco friendly dry cleaning process which is termed ‘Wet cleaning’ is an advanced and upcoming method of cleaning that removes this risk of exposure to toxic perchloroethylene. It also has the associated benefits of resulting in a softer, fresher garment, which has been treated in a more gentle, caring way. Wet cleaning has been used for decades in countries such as France, where PERC is banned, as well as some other European countries. As legislation continues to grow against the use of PERC, 1StopWash is committed to being at the forefront of sustainable and eco friendly dry cleaning.


-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15