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    Are you looking for a reliable linen service for your hotel? Look no further then 1 Stop Wash, we are experts in delivering top class hotel linen and laundry services across London for hotels and guest houses that have 20+ rooms.

    Here at 1 Stop Wash, we really like to focus on the end user, not you, but the all important hotel guest. We understand that one of the key things that guests are looking for is comfort and an home away from home. One simple and easy way you can help your guests satisfy this demand is by offering clean, fresh and pristinely pressed linen which they will appreciate when staying in a hotel.

    We already partner up with a number of prominent hotels around the English capital and have the experience to make sure your guests get the clean and fresh linen they expect when staying with you.

    Trust us when we say that the last thing any reputable hotels needs is dreaded 0-1 star reviews which mention dirty linen and not so great smelling pillow covers. This kind of public feedback can do severe damage to your hotels reputation and brand which you have worked for but 1 Stop Wash can help you avoid this.

    1 Stop Wash is able to fulfil large and medium sized hotel laundry contracts. Being located in London allows 1 Stop Wash to deliver a top class hotel linen and laundry service that is perfect for London based hotels who are looking for a trustworthy provider of hotel linen and commercial laundry services.

    Get a free and bespoke quote that is tailored to your hotel and let 1 Stop Wash help you achieve excellent guest satisfaction today.

    A bespoke service tailored for your business

    Tailored Service Level Agreements

    We sign off on a bespoke service level agreement with all of our Hotel partners to make sure we are always held accountable for the promises we make. If we aren’t, you are completely free to leave the agreement because we are that confident of our service to our partners which demonstrates our ‘Customer First’ approach.

    21st Century Logistics

    1 Stop Wash greatly values its clients time. That’s why we invest heavily into the technology that drives our logistics process. This is done to ensure that all deliveries are carried out on time, day in day out 365 days of the year. We are here to help your hotel business excel.

    Luxurious Quality Of Cleaning

    The quality of your hotel linen is an illustration of your Hotel brand and 1 Stop Wash does not take this matter lightly. We only partner with linen suppliers that provide bedding and towels that are of the highest quality you can find. We can cater to all kinds of GSM (grams per square metre) requirements and all of our linen is designed to be cleaned to extremely high hygienic standards.

    Focused On Sustainability

    From our choice of energy providers to the suppliers we use for our linen, we apply the best sustainability practices to all parts of our operation. This is one of our most important core values and we are proud to be one of the forerunners in using and investing in energy efficient commercial laundry machinery which all help to improve the Laundry and Dry Cleaning industries impact on the environment.

    Expert Treatment Of Clothes

    The very first thing we do is sort your garments according to care labels. Then when we start the dry cleaning process, we ensure that each garment is treated using the right combination of detergent, water temperature, drum rotations and spin cycles and stain removal chemicals if needed.

    Sustainable Dry Cleaning Service

    Our dry cleaning machinery uses up to 30% less water and 50% less energy compared to other dry cleaners machinery. The fabric detergent is made of a biodegradable base, and does not contain petroleum-derived chemicals (also called PERC).

    We Are A Hotel Linen Service That Is Trusted By Many

    1 Stop Wash thrives on delivering a top quality hotel linen and laundry service to Hotel businesses in and around London. Our tailored service agreements guarantee you a hotel laundry service that is consistently excellent and a partnership that will see you get more 5 star stays which will lead to more 5 star reviews from guests! This essential part of the Hotel stay must not be missed and we are here to assist. 

    Our hotel linen service process begins with a free consultation which is carried out by a member of our experienced and dedicated hotel linen account management team. They will go through some simple questions to get an idea of the bedding and linen demands of your hotel business. Then they will gather other bits of key information before formulating a clear plan that is bespoke to your hotel. 

    Please note that the consultation is not a sales pitch, there are no obligations. You will be talking to one of our highly experienced staff members whose job it is to advise you best whilst also creating a clear plan to carry out your hotel linen and hotel laundry strategy. This will include the procurement of your requested linen, management, logistics and service of your hotel laundry.

    If you believe our solution is the right fit for your business, then we will look to sign a service level agreement. This ensures that we carry out our promise of great quality and service, if we don’t, then you can leave the agreement with no exit charge. Our focus is to provide consistent great service to our clients and to continually finetune our operations and processes in the pursuit of commercial laundry perfection.

    We can guarantee that you will see an incredible impact on your customer or clients satisfaction. The quality and consistency of our hotel linen service will leave a lasting impression on the brand of your business which will have a real and positive impact on your bottom line.  

    We know the struggles that come with handling the laundry side of things, especially for hotels who are reliant on fresh laundry in large volumes and regular intervals. These challenges can become difficult and costly to manage and that’s why our primary objective is to bring consistency and peace of mind when delivering our hotel linen hire service. We excel at reducing the stress that comes with hotel laundry. 

    All of our existing Hotel partners see us as an important part of their growth and ongoing success. With the help of providing a stress free hotel linen service, our partners have exponentially grown their businesses as they have been able to focus on other areas of opportunity whilst leaving us to get on with the dirty laundry and we love it! We are always by our partner’s side and strive to fine tune our hotel laundry operation to meet the demands of a growing hotel business. 

    Help your hotel unlock its true potential by getting a free and no obligation quote for your hotel laundry and linen needs.

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