1 Stop Bag – Laundry &
Eco Dry Cleaning Delivery Subscription

Laundry priced by the bag, not be the kg. Wash MORE clothes for LESS cost.

All plans include FREE next day evening delivery.Get started with 1 Stop Bag

Laundry & Eco Dry Cleaning subscription

Choose how many bags you need per month, we’ll pick up, clean and deliver the next day from the touch of a button. 1 Stop Go benefits included in this subscription.


Tired of being overcharged for how many clothes you own? No problem, get charged per bag, not per kg.


We pick up and drop off everyday (including weekends) between 4-7 PM & 7-10 PM.


1 Stop Bag subscribers get exclusive next day delivery for FREE*


We colour separate your laundry as part of the 1 Stop Bag service.


Didn’t use your bag this month? No problem, just roll this over to next month!


When signing up, schedule a regular pick up (every 1,2,3 or 4 weeks) to put your laundry on autopilot

*Next day delivery only available for laundry service

Your 1 Stop Bag fits up to 3 loads of laundry.

How many bags do you need?

The average person washes 6 loads of laundry per month (Two 1 Stop Bags).

When can you use your bags?

Whenever you want. Want to use 2 bags at once? Or one this week, another next week? No problem, just schedule a pick up whenever you’re ready.

How many bags would you like?

The more bags you subscribe to, the more savings you make! Subscribing to 4 bags is the same as paying just £1.50 per kg!

1 Bag
36% Savings
£ 25.00 Monthly
2 Bag
40% Savings
£ 45.00 Monthly
3 Bag
44% Savings
£ 60.00 Monthly
4 Bag
47% Savings
£ 72.00 Monthly

1 Bag


2 Bag


3 Bag


4 Bag


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What if I want to add more bags on a special occasion?

No issue, request an additional bag at pick up or schedule a separate pick up – we’ll charge for it using the lesser of the average price per bag according to your subscription. E.g if you’re subscribed to 2 bags (£27.50 per bag), we will charge £27.50 for your additional bag.

Can I put anything in the bag?

Mostly yes, so long as it is suitable for machine wash and tumble dry & all of it fits into the bag (must be zipped). There are some exceptions such as duvets & bath mats which you can’t include. *Bed linen can be added although be aware that it will be washed & folded and not pressed.

Do I get a discount on the rest of 1 Stop Wash services?

Yes, you get 10% discount across all our other services and your minimum order drops to just £15. Please note that your free next day delivery ONLY applies to your 1 Stop Bag orders and not on any other service type. If you’d like to split the delivery, the additional delivery will have to be a minimum order of £15 to qualify for free delivery.

How do I edit or cancel my subscription?

To edit or cancel your subscription, simply get in touch with our team by either emailing us at info@1stopwash.com or sending us an sms, our number is ________

Do you have an annual plan?

1 Stop Bag is still a new concept to us and we want to really understand our customers needs properly before offering an annual plan for this service. In other words, watch this space 😉