How do I schedule my first wash?

You can schedule your first wash on our website (www.1stopwash.com) or call us on 0207 837 4997 to book a pick up. We have a simple 2-page process – we are working on an IOS & Android app as well as SMS ordering – you will be able to place orders via this too. If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at hello@1stopwash.com or use the chat box in the corner of your page – we’re always happy to help

What can I expect to happen on my first wash?

On your scheduled pick up day, you will be notified when our driver is on his way to you within the time slot you picked. They’ll bring 1 Stop Wash bags for your collection or you can put them into your own bags as well. Please separate out your wash & fold, wash & press & dry cleaning items into separate bags. We take your clothes to our very own in-house facility to expertly clean them before our drivers drop them back to you on your confirmed delivery day. If you have any more questions with regards to your first order, just email us at hello@1stopwash.com

How are 1 Stop Wash Eco friendly & sustainable?

Here at 1 Stop Wash, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but something we must practice daily with all our operations.

Our Head of Operations; Rohit Dhillon brought these values from his Chemical Engineering degree that he completed before joining the family business. These are some of the ways in which we practice sustainability in our operations (there’s plenty more!):

  • Eco Dry Cleaning: 1 Stop Wash were one of the first cleaners in London to introduce Eco Dry Cleaning back in 2015. Find more info on what Eco Dry Cleaning is here.
  • Eco-friendly detergents: We use biodegradable detergents in our cleaning process, this avoids the harmful use of PERC which is widely used by most of the industry.
  • Biodegradable poly roll: As an alternative to the single use plastic poly rolls used by 99% of the industry, we managed to introduce biodegradable poly rolls to cover eco dry cleaned garments. These can be recycled for up to 12-18 months before composting.
  • Sustainable Energy: The laundry & dry cleaning industry is known to be energy heavy due to the high temperatures needed for thorough cleaning. In September 2019, we decided to go green with our energy consumption, find out more information about our unique energy partnership with Ecotricity in a video with our Director of Operations; Rohit Dhillon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDUStFC0VoQ

Can I get wash & fold turned around next day?

Yes, next day evening service for wash & fold is available. You can ensure your wash & fold is available for next day evening by adding it to your notes, emailing us at hello@1stopwash.com or by letting your delivery driver know upon pick up. Please note that next day service for wash & fold is an extra £5.

Can I receive a delivery if I’m not home?

If you are not available during your slot time, you can enable the contactless delivery settings on your account, which will allow you to designate where you would like your order to be left. This could be your building’s concierge or just a safe place where you believe your clothes will be sheltered from theft. We have a number of customers that do this and have no reported theft yet. To enable this, sign into your account and find contactless delivery options within your delivery preferences.

Do I get credit for referrals?

Absolutely! We hope to deliver an experience so good that you’re eager to tell all your friends & family about it..and of course you will be awarded credit for this!

By logging in, you should have access to your own unique referral code on the homepage of your customer admin panel. Each time your friend/family uses this code, they receive £10 free credit and you also receive £10 credit for your account! The best way to spread the word about this is through social media such as facebook/Instagram/twitter or directly via email.

How does 1 Stop Wash ensure top quality cleaning?

We take incredible pride in knowing that we carry out our cleaning in our own facility and don’t outsource the cleaning of your clothes like other online cleaners. This means that we have the control of the quality of clean at all stages of the process.

  • We are expert cleaners who have been in business for nearly a decade, so rest assured, your clothes are in safe hands.
  • We constantly innovate and improve our cleaning methods by constantly investing in more training for our staff as well as taking critical feedback from our customers to improve our systems & processes.
  • We have layers of quality control to make sure each garment we clean is up to the high quality that our customers expect before it’s delivered to you.
  • We are confident that your items will receive the best quality cleaning possible. If you find a stain that has slipped through the cracks or your garment doesn’t meet our (or your) quality standards, please email hello@1stopwash.com with pictures and we’ll provide a complimentary re-cleaning.

Will you notify me when you’re coming?

Our driver has a busy schedule of orders to pick up but when he’s gotten onto yours, you will receive an email/sms saying that he’s on his way to you!

Will you bring me your own personal 1 Stop Wash laundry bags?

Yes, every new customer will get a laundry bag to load their items into or you can load your clothes into your own bag. To make first pick up as swift as possible, we recommend that you separate out any wash & fold, ironed laundry and dry cleaning before pick up.

Should I separate my dry cleaning and laundry?

Yes, if possible, we ask our customers to separate out laundry & dry cleaning into separate bags – this avoids confusion and limits any delay to your order has they have to sort clothes at facility. If you can’t this is okay, our driver will help you to sort clothes upon pick up.

What time will you come by?

We have multiple time slots available depending on your postcode. We aim to come between the time slots that you pick and you will be notified via email/sms when our driver is on his way to you.

Can I have a preference of time within the slot?

Absolutely but we can’t make any promises! Just email us at hello@1stopwash.com if you have a specific preference e.g closer to 7pm or closer to 10pm, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate to this. We can’t make any promises but rest assured, we’ll do our absolute best to satisfy your requirements.

How do I give you special instructions?

As part of the order process, you can leave a note for any special requirements or any general notes. If you have already placed an order, just email us at hello@1stopwash.com and we’ll add the note to your order, alternatively you can tell your driver about the notes that you’d like to add upon pick up.

Do I need to point out stains?

For dry cleaning, we inspect your garment for any stains and conduct spotting to get rid of any stains. With that being said, if you know you have a specific stain, it would be great if you can let us know where the stain is from e.g wine or blood etc. as the best treatment of stain usually depends on what the stain is and the fabric type too. You can leave this info in the order notes or inform the driver upon pick up. Alternatively you can also email us at hello@1stopwash.com.

What happens after you pick up my clothes?

Our driver takes it directly to our facility to be cleaned, you should expect an email within 48 hrs of pick up confirming the order details and that it has been cleaned.

How will I know the total cost?

We have built a price estimator which you can use to get an idea of the cost of your order via here:www.1stopwash.com/prices, no need to list items when ordering. After we pick up, you should receive an email with the details of your order when it has been cleaned – this will have the exact price of the order. Once the order has been cleaned, we will then take payment before delivering your clean clothes safely back to you.

How do I pay?

We only accept payment via debit card. When you register, we require your debit card details, we hold this on account via stripe our payment partner. When your order is cleaned, we take payment just before the clean clothes are delivered back to you and you get an invoice sent to your email.

Can you wash duvets in the washing machine?

Yes, you can get yourself a washing machine for washing a duvet or your quilts. A duvet is a form of bedding that consists of a soft flat sack filled with either down, feathers, wool, cotton, silk, or other synthetic materials. The washing style for a duvet can depend on the condition of your duvet. In fact, hygiene experts suggest that you wash your duvets every 3 months to keep them in optimal condition, which will give you and your family a much better night of sleep. If you have a question on how to wash a Duvet in a washing machine, then you can first set it to a gentle, warm water cycle.

If your washing machine has the option, you can go for an extra rinse and spin cycle. In London, flats are comparatively smaller, and thus, washing duvets in your washing machines can be troublesome. To avoid chaos and hassle, it’s best to get help from launderettes. If you are a Londoner and ask yourself, ‘Is there a laundry near me which offers the best service in washing duvet?, Then 1 Stop Wash is the best option and you should look no further. They are involved in washing duvets and have been doing it for a long time. To the time, 1 Stop Wash has served 1000s of Londoners already.

At 1 Stop Wash, we provide laundry service for washing duvets, bridal, shirts, suits & ties, dresses, fur cleaning & glazing, shoes, bed & table linens, draperies, upholstery, carpets, along with alterations and weaving. You can visit our website to know more about our service. If you have enough time, then you can visit our store physically; we are based in Kings Cross!

Can you dry clean sofa cushion covers?

Yes, you can have your sofa cushion covers dry cleaned. A sofa cushion cover is a cover for a cushion kept on a sofa, which mostly has a beautiful design and color. These covers prevent the accumulation of germs, dirt, and dead skin from getting into the cushion. Before you start cleaning, you should check the fabric of your cushion covers, as this information can usually be found on the care label. If it’s machine washable and you have the time, space, and equipment needed, then it is totally possible to go ahead and clean your cushion covers yourself at home.

However, if your sofa cushion covers are made of more delicate fabrics that can only be cleaned through specific methods, we recommend you to get a professional and experienced dry cleaning service like 1 Stop Wash. Dry cleaning experts like 1 Stop Wash use the best products and have the experience and right machinery in place to remove the most stubborn of stains from pillows. To add more, by choosing a dry cleaning service for your cushions, you will get the perfect ironed finish for the aesthetic appearance to your cushion covers.

How do you resize clothes?

You can resize your clothing yourself but why bother with all of that when you can also find a good and reliable alteration service near you, like us (wink wink!)You need to resize your clothes when your clothes are out of your measurement. Resizing or clothing alterations include hemming and shortening of sleeves or trouser legs. With alterations, smaller adjustments are offered so that you can get a better fit.

Getting the perfect fit not only helps you get a look that suits you but also gives you confidence and comfort- “Basically ‘Dress to Impress”. These repair and alteration services can reduce total waste and enhance the longevity of clothes, so next time you are about to throw away that once loved jumper or dress because of poor fitting, use this service to get more years out of your clothes. 

So, if you live in London and are asking yourself, is there a clothing alteration service near me, then look no further than 1 Stop Wash. We have years of experience in clothing repair and can help you in almost all cases.

How does 1 Stop Wash service work?

We have an easy three steps for our service – freshly washed clothes has never been this easier!

Schedule a Wash

Go to www.1stopwash.com to schedule a pick up & drop off of your clothes. Order before 3 PM for same day pick up.

Meet your Driver

Our driver will come at your pick up slot and take it to our eco-friendly cleaning facility – we will itemize and take payment when your order is cleaned.

Fresh Clothes

Our driver will deliver your freshly washed clothes at your preferred time slot!

How do 1 Stop Wash take payment?

When you sign up, you fill out your card details. We hold your card on account via our trusted payment provider; Stripe and take automatic payment when your order has been cleaned.

What services do 1 Stop Wash provide?

1 Stop Wash is your one stop shop for all your laundry & dry cleaning needs. We have a wide offer of services that caters for both customers and businesses.

For customers, our standard services are Laundry (Wash & Fold), Launder & Press and Dry Cleaning. We also offer a wash & hang dry service, leather & suede cleaning, trainer cleaning as well as repairs & alterations service. We operate in-store & online with our popular pick up & drop off service.

For businesses, we work with a number of different sectors such as gyms, restaurants & Airbnb/serviced apartment companies. Our popular services amongst those are towel hire, table linen/uniform hire for restaurants & bed linen hire/clean for Airbnb’s & Serviced apartments. It’s our strong, family-like culture and commitment to being a valuable part of our commercial partner’s supply chain that has allowed to us grow to where we are today. For more information on business laundry, contact us on hello@1stopwash.com

Who cleans my clothes?

We’re proud to let our customers know that we clean all our customers clothes ourselves and don’t outsource any cleaning which most other online cleaners do, this allows us to control our operations and offer exclusive services as Eco Dry Cleaning.

Although we keep all cleaning in-house, in very special circumstances where demand is too high for our facility to cope, we do outsource cleaning to a trusted partner – this is rarity however for transparency we let our customers know about this.

Are there items that 1 Stop Wash don’t clean?

Nope! We clean nearly anything and everything although we of course go case by case. If there’s an item that you’re unsure we’d clean, email us at hello@1stopwash.com to discuss further.

What is the cleaning process for my Wash & Fold order?

For wash & fold orders, we follow the simple instructions of a 30oC temperature to clean and use medium temperature to dry before neatly folding into one of our bags. You can adjust your cleaning preferences for more flexible choice of detergent, starch, bio/non-bio etc.

If you require a higher temperature for your wash, just add it to your order notes.

If you have any other special requests, email us at hello@1stopwash.com.

Are there any additional costs for large items in Wash & Fold?

Yes, in some cases, certain large items get charged more as it requires cleaning that is separate from usual washing. Examples are shown below:

  • Duvet (Feather): £25
  • Bath mat: £4

Duvets in particular require air only drying which is why we charge more for this. Any other items in wash & fold would be charged at a standard rate per kg. Bedding can be added into wash & fold however this means it won’t be pressed.

Is there a minimum order size for Wash & Fold?

No but our minimum order for collection & delivery is £20 so even if your preferred service costs less than this, you will be charged the minimum order. Subscription customers get their minimum order dropped to £15.

What type of detergent can I choose from?

You have a choice between bio & non-bio laundry detergents. You can edit your preferences over here: (link to cleaning preferences). The majority of our customers prefer bio laundry detergent as it is scented. However, we have non-bio detergent ready for customers that have sensitive skin. You can also edit preferences in terms of the use of softener.

What is the order process for dry cleaning?

1 Stop Wash is changing the way dry cleaning is done in London. We don’t do traditional dry cleaning that uses the harmful chemical of PERC. Instead, we use a method of cleaning called ‘Wet Cleaning’. It uses smart technology and biodegradable detergent’s to give a more healthier clean. Learn more about the benefits of wet cleaning here.