Leather, Fur & Suede Cleaning Service

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Everyday Laundry

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  • £15.00
  • per load of 5kg.

Dry Cleaning

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  • £2
  • per item

Home & Bedding

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  • £7
  • per item

Trainer Cleaning

  • from
  • £30
  • per pair

A suede and leather dry cleaning service that you can trust!

Cleaning Fur, Leather and Suede clothing takes years of experience and expertise. Luckily for you, 1 Stop Wash Dry Cleaners has this as we’ve been cleaning and restoring these materials back to life for over 10 years.

Our process begins with a detailed inspection of your garment where we look for any stains and faults as well as doing a colour running test.

We then begin our pre spotting stage where we use delicate liquids and soft brushing to treat any unwanted stains on the garment.

We then move onto our eco dry cleaning process, a delicate program with low mechanical action and low temperature is used to avoid any shrinkage or discolouration – this is all done using non toxic chemicals.

Garments are then air dried over night – we have found this to be best practice for drying the cleaned garment instead of putting into a dryer with the risk of shrinkage.

Lastly, we finish the process by steaming the garments before applying natural oils which give it that restored and rejuvenated look as well increasing the life time of the garment.

Our fur, suede and leather dry cleaning prices start from just £4.

Customers can either come to our King’s Cross Dry Cleaner shop or alternatively schedule a free collection and delivery.


How do I schedule my first order?

You can place your order via website (scroll up), we have SMS orders & an app in development, you will be able to make orders through this too. More info will come out on this later.

Do you do contactless delivery?

You can enable contactless on your preferences, simply log in and select the preferences tab and there should be instructions from there.

How does 1 Stop Wash ensure top quality cleaning?

We’re a very unique laundry & dry cleaning company due to the fact that we operate both in-store and online. We therefore have our own in-house plant where we carry out cleaning, this gives us the control to optimise systems and procedures to ensure top quality cleaning. This is unlike other online laundry & dry cleaning companies who simply just own the technology and farm the cleaning to other providers with little to no process system checks.

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