Towel Hire & Laundry Service
For London Businesses


    1 Stop Wash offers a bespoke towel hire and laundry service to businesses in London. Have your own towels? No problem, we will take of the cleaning of them! We work with a wide variety of different businesses that include gyms, spa’s, salon’s, clinics, cycling clubs and even festivals.

    Our flexibility allows us to partner with any type of business as we make a tailor made solution bespoke just for you. Our objective is to build a long term relationship with our partners by developing a ‘strategic partnership’ where we become a key member to your business growth.

    Cleanliness and aesthetics are major factors that determine the feel of a place. Customers will often have a stronger likeness to a place that has the right fabric setup. With this in mind, we have sourced the best quality and most fluffy towels to ensure you receive 5 star reviews!

    Our towel hire and laundry service starts with a FREE consultation where our team of laundry experts will ask questions to get more details on your needs. After gathering this information, our team will formulate a bespoke solution to your business’s towel laundry needs.

    Service Level Agreement

    We sign off on a service level agreement with all our AIRBNB partners to make sure we are always sticking to our promise. If we aren’t,you are completely free to leave the agreement,we are that confident of our service.

    Modern Logistics

    1StopWash greatly values your time. That’s why we have invested heavily into the technology behind our logistics software, this is done to ensure all deliveries are carried out on time, week in, week out.

    Pristine Quality

    The quality of your linen is a direct reflection of your brand, we don’t take this matter lightly. We only partner with suppliers that provide linen and workwear that is of the highest quality.


    From our choice of energy providers to the suppliers we use for our hire service, we apply sustainability to all parts of our operation. This is one of our most important core values.

    A Towel Hire and Laundry Service That Will Demand 5 Star Reviews!

    1 Stop Wash guarantees to provide a towel laundry service that is so great and consistent, that will you see a new wave of 5 star reviews from your customers and guests!

    Our towel hire and laundry service begins with a FREE consultation which is carried out by one our experienced laundry professionals. They will ask simple to answer questions to get a rough idea on the towel laundry demands of your business. They will then gather other key information before formulating a clear plan that is bespoke to your business.

    Please note that the consultation is NOT a sales call. You will be talking to one of our highly experienced laundry professionals whose job it is to advise you best whilst also creating a clear plan to carry out your towel hire and laundry operation. This will include the procurement, management, logistics and service of your towels.

    If you believe our solution is the right fit for your business, then we will look to sign a service level agreement. This ensures that we carry out on our promise of great quality and service, if don’t, you can leave the agreement for NO CHARGE. Our focus is to provide consistent great service to our clients and to continually tune our operations and processes in the pursuit of perfection.

    We can guarantee that you will see an incredible impact on your customer or clients satisfaction, the quality and consistency of our towels will leave a lasting impression on the brand of your business.

    We know that the laundry side of a business can be quite grim and challenging to manage, that’s why our primary objective is to bring consistency and peace of mind when delivering our towel laundry and hire service.

    All of our towel laundry partners see us an important part of their business growth and success. With the help of providing a stress free service, our partners have exponentially grown their businesses. We always by their side to fine tune our laundry operation to meet the demands of their growing business.

    If you’re also interested in finding a laundry partner that provides a consistently great towel hire and laundry service, then contact us today for your FREE consultation!

    A bespoke service tailored for your business

    Flexible Packages

    Wed are aware that business seasons vary and may be inconsistent for at various times of the year with this in mind we tailor our services to your business to help you make the most of business opportunities with flexible solutions. We help you optimize better for all seasons so that you’re covered.