How To Keep Your Bedding Clean


Bedding ready to be washed

As launderers, we often get asked by our customers how they can keep their bed clean. It is said that the average person sleeps around 26 years worth of time in their lifetime, that’s an awfully long time! Despite this fact, there’s an abnormal amount of people who are not aware of the hygiene they must keep within their bed – a study showed that only 20% of people in the UK have never washed their duvet..gross!

Here’s a fun fact: your body sheds around 15 million skin cells every night which builds up if you don’t clean your bedding regularly. The three key parts of your bedding that we believe you must regularly keep clean are your:

  • Bed Set
  • Pillows
  • Duvet

In this article, we will be explaining the importance of cleaning each of these items with the help of a local launderette, how often you should clean them, how much it would take to clean them and how long you can wait to get them back fresh and ready to use again!

We will begin first with the most easiest and important items to clean in your bed; your bed set!

*A bed set Is described to be a set of pillowcases, bedsheets & your duvet cover.

Bed Linen Laundry

How often should you wash your bed set?

On average, scientists say you should be cleaning your bed set every 1-2 weeks due to the dead skin cells and dust mites that can build in your bed. We recommend cleaning it either weekly or every other week depending on how you are, some of the factors impacting this include:

  • Going to bed without showering
  • If you eat whilst in bed
  • You suffer from excessive sweat in bed
  • A pet sleeps in bed with you
  • You have allergies to dust

Bedding should be cleaned at high temperature to kill bacteria & dust mites, we recommend a hot wash of above 60 degrees.

This can be done at home although pressing bedding can be quite daunting & time constraining. This is why it’s best to use a local launderette to get your bedding washed & pressed.

How much is it to wash bedding?

It can cost around £15-25 a double set & this will usually include your towel & hand towels as well as the usual pillow cases, bed sheet & duvet cover – this is washing & pressing. Usually, you can also just get it washed & folded but we recommend you wash this separate to clothes as bedding should be washed at high temperatures – something we don’t recommend for everyday clothes.

How long does it take to wash a bed set?

Launderettes can usually wash bed sets on the same day or 24hr service although if you are using collection & delivery services, local launderettes will ask for 48hrs – 1 Stop Wash offer 48hr pick-up & drop off service to its customers.

Pillow washing

How often should you be washing your pillows?


Unwashed bedding

Your pillow holds your head every night so it’s very important you keep it freshly washed & germ free, and no, washing your pillow cover is not enough!

According to the science, you need to be washing your pillow around 2-3 times a year. This is due to the amount of body oils, saliva from bacteria that streams into the pillow over time & dust mites that build up in your pillow.

Often, most pillows will have a care label on how to wash the pillow. Most pillows can be machine washed but some are dry clean only, be sure to check the label carefully.

Most domestic washers aren’t big enough to wash a pillow, therefore it might best to get your local launderette to wash your pillows – the professionals will have bigger machines and better know how to make the pillows fluff and ready to sleep with.

How much is it to wash your pillow?

On average, you can get your pillows washed for around £7-10 each depending on your location. Note that the cost of washing a pillow can depend on the material inside, pillows will either be synthetic fibre, feather, or memory foam – by taking your pillow to a launderette, they can advise you best on how to clean the pillow.

Pillows are usually washed in a big washer & dried in tumble dryers usually using balls to make sure the pillow fluffs. Please note that feather pillows usually take longer to dry and therefore cost a little more to wash at a launderette. Memory foam pillows most of the time cannot be machine washed & must be spot cleaned & air dried.

How long does it take to wash a pillow?

It depends on the material of the pillow; feather pillows will take longer to tumble dry & air dry compared to synthetic pillows. Synthetic pillows can be next day service at launderettes whilst feather duvets can take an extra day. If you opt for collection & delivery, a online laundry provider will usually ask for an extra day to account for this so it can therefore take 72 hrs for this service.

Duvet Cleaning

Duvets are similar to pillows with the frequency in which you should be washing them – duvets should be washed at least twice a year.

Just like pillows, duvets carry a load of dust mites, dead skin cells & a load of sweat as you sleep under them over time – it is said that duvets usually hold a weight that is 1/10th above its weight due to the amount bacteria, dust mites & germs it can hold.

Therefore, it is vital duvets are washed regularly through-out the year – this can be near impossible at home with a domestic washer & tumble dryer (or no tumble dryer at all!).

It is recommended to get your duvets washed at a local launderette unless you have a washing machine with a big enough capacity. Some small duvets like a single synthetic fiber one can be washed at home and should be done at an above 60 degrees wash.

How much is it to wash a duvet?

The cost of cleaning a duvet depends on its material & the size of the duvet. Feather duvets will cost more than synthetic duvets to wash as it takes longer to tumble dry. To give a ball park figure, a double synthetic duvet will usually start £20 whilst a feather one will begin from £25. King size & Super King size duvets will cost reasonably more than this to wash & dry whilst single duvet washing begins from around £15*.

*Prices vary depending on your location

How long does it take to wash a duvet?

Duvet cleaning can take 24-72 hrs depending on the material & size of it. Synthetic duvets usually take just 24 hrs as they tumble dry fairly quickly, feather duvets will take an extra 24 hrs at a regular laundrette. If you are getting your duvet collected & delivered then most companies will ask for a minimum of 48hrs to clean & deliver them.

Trust the experts for your bedding items

We hope this article has been helpful in learning about the importance of how & why you must keep your bed clean; it’s due to the amount of bacteria & germs that can build up within them. We also hope this article has been helpful in knowing some approximate cost & durations to get these items cleaned professionally by your local launderette.

If interested in your bedding items cleaned from the comfort your home via 1 Stop Wash’s convenient pick up & drop off service, book a pick-up with us or email us at hello@1stopwash.com – check out our price estimator to estimate the cost of cleaning your bedding.