Dry Cleaners Near You


Looking for a reliable dry cleaners near you?

At 1 Stop Wash, we’re on a mission to clean up the traditional toxic dry cleaning industry and prove why we are the best dry cleaners near you. We use an eco-friendly process called wet cleaning and this uses biodegradable, health-friendly, non-toxic detergents instead of the potentially carcinogenic PERC widely used by traditional dry cleaners. Anything with the dry clean label can be wet cleaned and the gentler process will result in a brighter, fresher, softer clean. Learn more about this through our story.

– Your clothes are handled by highly trained and experienced professionals who excel in the art of stain removal and finishing.

– Every piece of clothing is hand finished therefore ensuring you have the best look.

– We clean all your clothes on site, not some factory outside London. You can even come and see how we work and ask any questions about our cleaning processes and why we are the best dry cleaners near you.

– We are proud members of the Guild of Launderers & Dry Cleaners who take notice of our excellent standards of cleaning.

– We can provide turnaround in under 24 hours!

– Need a same day dry cleaning service? No problem! We can deliver this for you just include it in the notes of your order!

How to place a dry cleaning order



-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15