Restaurant Laundry Service
in London


    1 Stop Wash offers bespoke restaurant laundry services in London for diners of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to get its first Michelin star or an already established diner looking for a reliable laundry company to partner with whom you can trust.

    If 50% of the UK population were to use 3 paper napkins a day, that would be just shy of 100,000,000 napkins thrown away each day – that’s a lot! Go green and offer your customers reusable table napkins and cloths for a more pleasant experience.

    We will provide FREE CONSULTATION to know exactly what is needed, whether that’s linen hire or just a regular pick up of kitchen cloths and tea towels; 1 Stop Wash will make a blueprint to provide exactly the solution you’re looking for.

    Due to the excellence of our service, the reliability of our work has allowed our restaurant partners to go on and grow their business as we take away the ‘headache’ of laundry. Our partner’s have enjoyed the extra headspace our service has provided, this has allowed them to focus on management and bringing new customers to their business.

    We specifically aim to be this type of ‘strategic partner’ to all our restaurant partners. Our ethos is that the more your restaurant grows, the more we grow.

    Service Level Agreement

    We sign off on a service level agreement with all our restaurant partners to make sure we are always sticking to our promise. If we aren’t, you are completely free to leave the agreement, we are that confident of our service.

    Modern Logistics

    We greatly values your time. That’s why we have invested heavily into the technology behind our logistics software, this is done to ensure all deliveries are carried out on time, week in, week out.

    Pristine Quality

    The quality of your linen is a direct reflection of your brand, we don’t take this matter lightly. We only partner with suppliers that provide linen and workwear that is of the highest quality.


    From our choice of energy providers to the suppliers we use for our hire service, we apply sustainability to all parts of our operation. This is one of our most important core values.

    Bespoke Laundry Service for your Restaurant

    Our restaurant laundry service starts with a FREE consultation where our team of ‘problem solvers’ take the time to study your restaurant and come up with a simplistic solution that fits best for your business.

    We take in mind your target customer, location, business goals/challenges and formulate a blueprint to carry out the necessary work. Please note the consultation is NOT a sales call, you will be talking to one of our laundry experts whose job it is to advise you best and ultimately solve your problem.

    If happy, we will then sign a service level agreement, get you set up and begin delivering on our promise. We are so confident of or service that if you are not totally satisfied by the first month, we will charge you nothing!

    We can guarantee that you will see a dramatic increase in customer and staff satisfaction, the quality of our linen and kitchen wear will make your restaurant stand out from the crowd and build brand within your space.

    Restaurants are assigned a dedicated account manager who will manage your laundry operation, from the logistics involved to making sure invoices are correctly made. Our primary goal is to provide operators more valuable time and headspace to carry out more important tasks of their restaurant like managing the growth of it or attracting more customers to your diner.

    Many of our restaurant clients see us a ‘strategic partner’ in their business growth. As they expand and look to become a restaurant chain, we are always part of the conversation in providing the right laundry solution that is vital to your restaurant’s management system.

    If you are also interested in finding a suitable laundry partner that assists you in the growth of your diner, then arrange a FREE consultation with us today to take advantage of our restaurant laundry services!

    A bespoke service tailored for your business

    Flexible Packages

    We are aware that business seasons vary and may be inconsistent for at various times of the year with this in mind we tailor our services to your business to help you make the most of business opportunities with flexible solutions. We help you optimize better for all seasons so that you’re covered.