Our Story

1StopWash was founded in 2012 as a small family run self-service launderette. Having already served the area previously as a Post Office for a decade, we had a built a special relationship with the local community. As we expand our services, we continue to build this connection everyday as a sense of community and care is what we believe is most important for us, this is one of our core values.

Eco friendly

Another one of our core values and main missions as an early stage company is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is why when we decided to introduce dry cleaning in our facility, we chose to pick a more unique eco-friendly cleaning method called wet cleaning, learn more about this here. As we expand our on demand service as well as partnering up with more local restaurants/health clubs/hotels, we apply the same eco-friendly approach. This is done to continue our mission and to ensure we and our partners can provide the best experience for our customers, with as little effect on the environment as possible.