Best Tips to Prevent Clothes from Fading

Looking for tips to prevent fading from your clothes? Well, you’ve come to the right article! Fading is one of the biggest problems with washing clothes regularly. This is more prevalent in the case of dark-colored clothes where the original color becomes dull after a few washes.

Why do clothes fade?

The main reason for the fading of clothes is the warm water used for washing. When you wash clothes in warm water, it breaks down the fiber quickly thus resulting in the fading of clothes. 

Tips to prevent fading of clothes

Sort clothes properly: Before you start washing the clothes, you should first sort them in colors. All light-colored ones go in one lot and the dark-colored ones in another. If you have heavy clothes, wash them separately. By sorting the clothes properly, the detergent is distributed evenly among all the clothes. Through this, the chances of fading can be minimized.

Check the care label: All ready-made garments come with a care label. It specifies how to wash the cloth and dry it. You should follow the care instruction as prescribed to prevent the clothes from fading fast.

faded black t shirt

A faded black t shirt

Wash in colder water: As mentioned earlier, the main reason for fading is washing in hot water. Once you feel that the clothes are fading, then you should stop washing this piece of clothing in hot water. Instead, you can use cold temperature or use water at room temperature. Also, set the washing machine to delicate so that the clothes are washed less harshly.

Turn the clothes inside out: Apart from hot water, another reason for the fading of the clothes is the friction created by rubbing with other garments. To prevent this, turn the clothes inside out so that the outside portion does not rub and fade.

Use the right quantity of detergent: Some people use more detergent in the belief that it helps them clean the clothes more. But actually, putting a lot of detergents can fade your clothes. Always use the recommended amount for detergent in your wash and do not believe the myth that more detergent means a better wash!

Use specialized detergent: Use detergents that provide color blocking on dark-colored clothes. You should not use powerful detergents that are meant for removing stains on colored garments. If you do not have a specialized detergent, then you can go for the ordinary one but add a cup of vinegar along with the detergent.; this can help to prevent the fading of clothes.

Remove the clothes from the machine without delay: Do not allow the clothes to sit for long after the wash. Once the wash is over, take it out as soon as possible and hang it for air drying.

Air-dry the clothes: Heat is the biggest enemy of colored garments. When you dry clothes in the machine, then they are exposed to a lot of heat. This can result in the cloth fading faster than usual. Instead, take the clothes out after washing and then air dry them for a day to preserve the color. With this being said, do not leave clothes directly under the sun for air drying. If, by chance, you have to leave it under the sun, then remember to turn it inside out!

Last but not least, try to reduce the number of washes. Once washed, use the clothes at least 3-4 times before rewashing. You can also consider spot-cleaning instead of washing the entire garment.

If nothing is working out for you, then you can consider regularly dry cleaning the piece – this is definitely recommended for your more expensive designer garments.  

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