Repairs & Alterations

1 Stop Wash Provide A Bespoke Tailoring Service Near You

Looking for a tailor or repair and alterations service near you?

– Our London based tailors are ready to provide you with the finest in repair and alteration services

– Minutes away from Kings Cross St Pancras Station so you can easily visit us. 

– Our highly experienced tailors won’t stop until you are satisfied with your fit.

– Experts in both Mens alterations and Ladies alterations. We can help with all types of clothing alteration requests.

– 1 Stop Wash is your specialist for all suit and dress alteration requests. Say goodbye to poor fitting forever with us.

– We can bring your favourite clothes/belongings back to life with our highly rated clothing repair service. 

– Get your newly tailored clothes back in just 48 hours.

– If you require a same day repair and alteration service we can help. Call 0207 837 4997 now to arrange an Express service.

How To Find Us

  • We are just a short 7 minute walk away from Kings Cross St Pancras Station.

  • Plan your journey to Kings Cross St Pancras Station by clicking on this link.

  • Please click here for walking instructions from the station.

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It’s not what you wear. It’s how it looks when you wear it.

We understand the importance of in getting the right fit so our tailors will help you find what suits you best from start to finish

Ready for better fitting clothes?

Call us now on 0207 837 4997 

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-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15