Laundry Service In London

1StopWash has gained a great reputation in London for providing excellent bespoke laundry service to our customers through our Wash&Fold service. You can walk in store and bring us your clothes or we offer FREE pick up & delivery.




Whether you’re a London resident looking to cut time spent washing your clothes or just a tourist looking for someone to trust with your laundry, our WASH & FOLD service Is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Don’t just take our word for it though, have a look at our reviews below to see what our customers say about us!

Our Wash & Fold service includes washing your garments using the most up to date eco-friendly detergents, tumble drying and then folding them with the upmost care. Here at 1StopWash, we don’t outsource our cleaning to other factories as we have our own in house team dedicated to make you sure your clothes are taken care of properly, no more lousy folding!

Darks & Lights:

If you would like to be separated in to darks and lights, please instruct us in the notes of your order and proceed to separate your clothes in to two  bags. Please note you will be charged for each individual bag.

You can include any personal laundry as well as bed linen and towels, although we recommend putting the latter into a separate bag as they often need a different type of wash compared to your clothes. PLEASE do not include any dry clean only and delicates in your bag such as silks/cashmeres/leather clothes they are prone to being damaged when tumble dried.

Your clothes are washed at 30oC using eco friendly detergents:

We wash all items at 30°C unless getting the best results absolutely requires a higher temperature. We use the highest quality, eco-label compliant detergent for our Wash & Fold service. No enzymes, no dyes, no phosphates. Not tested on animals!

We tumble dry:

All items are tumble dried so please remove any items from your bag that cannot be tumble dried. Please note that viscose and cashmere items particularly dislike the tumble drier. We recommend our groundbreaking eco-friendly cleaning service!


-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15