Laundromat In London

The Best Self Service/Coin Operated Laundromat Facilities In London

Are you looking for a self service laundromat in London?


– Come and use our top class coin-operated laundry facilities and you could be home and “dry” in just under an hour.


– We are only a 7-minute walk away from Kings Cross station so you can reach us quickly and easily where ever you are in London. Find out the best way to get to us below. 


– Prices start from just £1.


– Don’t worry if you don’t have change, we have plenty.


– Soap Powder (non-bio too) and conditioner also available for a small charge.


– Free Wi-fi for you while you wait.

Self Service Laundromat Prices


Washing Machines

Up to 6kg – £4.50

Up to 12kg – £8

Up to 17kg  (good for cleaning duvets and pillows of all sizes) – £9.80



£1 for every 15 minutes


Soap Powder & Conditioner

£1 per machine

Opening and Closing Times


Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm (Last wash is at 4.45pm)

Saturday: 9am – 5pm (Last wash is at 4pm)

Sunday: Closed

How To Find Us


We are just a short 7-minute walk away from Kings Cross St Pancras Station.


Plan your journey to Kings Cross St Pancras Station by clicking on this link.


Please click here for walking instructions from the station.


The Best Laundromat in London – just a 7-minute walk from Kings Cross Station

Step by Step Guide On How To Use Our Machines


1) Put your clothes in the washing machine


2) Choose from the 6 different washing programmes (Hot with Pre-wash, Warm with Pre-wash, Delicates, Fast Warm, Cold Wash and Fast Hot). Please note that programmes with a pre-wash take around 7 to 8 mins longer than the “Fast” and Cold Wash options


3) If you have chosen any of the warm or hot programmes, put your soap powder in Slot B in the tray which can be found on the top of the machine. If you have chosen a programme that has a pre-wash, add some soap in Slot A but majority will go in to Slot B. Otherwise put the powder in Slot A if you are just doing a Cold Wash. If you are using softener, this goes in to Slot C


4) Close the door carefully


5) Enter coins. Did you hear the click? If yes, relax the wash cycle has begun!


6) Transfer your damp clothes to the dryers enter coins


7) Choose what heat, you would like to dry your clothes at, you can choose from low, medium or high, we recommend medium for normal laundry and high for thick items like towels and duvets (Note: Top 3 buttons control the upper dryer and bottom 3 buttons control the lower dryer)


8) Fold your clothes and thats it!


Why not let 1 Stop Wash do all the heavy lifting for you? We provide a convenient wash and fold laundry service which has saved thousands of people more time to do the things they love



-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15