Dry Cleaners In Islington

Looking for a reliable dry cleaners in Islington?

We at 1 Stop Wash want you to know where you can find the best eco-friendly dry cleaners in London. If you’re in or near Islington, you’re 1 stop away from a family business dedicated to cleaning up the traditional dry cleaning industry.

We clean your clothes using a process that isn’t strictly dry cleaning – it’s actually called wet cleaning. It involves using environmentally friendly detergents instead of harmful chemicals such as PERC, commonly used by many dry cleaners.

If your clothes are suitable for dry cleaning, they can also be wet cleaned. This way they’ll benefit from a gentler treatment that leaves your clothes feeling and looking cleaner, softer, and fresher.

– We are fully trained professionals, experienced in cleaning, stain removal, and finishing

– All items of clothing are hand finished, giving you the best possible service

– Everything is clean on site in our Central London location, on Caledonian Road in King’s Cross

– We belong to the Guild of Launderers and Dry Cleaning – this demonstrates our dedication to excellent standards of cleaning

– We can provide same day service – get your clothes cleaned in under 24 hours. Just leave a note with your order.

– We’ll deliver your dry cleaning from King’s Cross across the area – including in and near Islington

Pay us a visit to see how we work – you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about the wet cleaning process, and you can see for yourself why we’re the best dry cleaners for you.

How to place a dry cleaning order



-Please specify whether you want your laundry to be separated into darks & lights. Please note that you will be charged for each individual bag.
-Minimum order value is £15