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Restaurant Linen Service

Are you a prominent top of the crop restaurant and need a laundry service to match your status? Or perhaps an up and coming restaurant looking to achieve their first Michelin star? In both cases, 1StopWash can provide excellent table linen and workwear to help your restaurant achieve the success it deserves. In addition, this comes with service that has been described as ‘headache free’ to match the quality of our linen.

Table Linen

There is no doubt that first impressions in a restaurant are important and this is something 1StopWash doesn’t take lightly. We have done thorough research and testing to make sure the quality of our linen is like no other. We can provide an excellent choice of colours catered for those restaurants that have specific themes in their settings too. Lost a piece or two? No problem, we won’t charge extra.


Life as a professional chef isn’t easy, in fact—it’s damn hard and that’s why your chef’s should go to battle wearing chef whites that make them feel superior! 1StopWash has an excellent range of chef whites that is clean and robust, ready to be used by your top of the range chef’s. Service is one of the top priorities at 1StopWash, we know how busy restaurants can get and so we make sure all deliveries are done on time ready for your use.

Quality Assurance

We have done thorough research and testing to make sure the quality and durability of our linen is like no other.

Flexible Deliveries

We are extremely flexible for deliveries to keep up with the demands of our laundry partners.


We provide simple to read rolling contract’s with no string’s attached, no more dodgy laundry contracts!


We apply eco friendliness and sustainability to all parts of our business!