How to Remove Dirt or Mud Stains from Clothing: Tips and Tricks

Remove dust and mud stains

Rainy days are always pleasant. It brings a cheerful and refreshed feel which you are sure to cherish. But the happiness can be short-lived when the passing car splashes mud on you. Or when you have to carry your little one with that muddy shoes on.

Getting mud or dirt on clothes is the most unpleasant experience. Things can get bad if you are wearing a white or pastel shaded cloth or if the fabric is very delicate.

Here are a few tips for removing dirt and mud stains from your clothing

  • Prepare the cloth: Normally, for removing stains, you should start cleaning the fabric when it is still wet. But in case of mud stain you should never do that. Cleaning wet mud can make the mud spread all over the cloth and can damage the fabric.

Instead, allow the mud to dry completely. You can lay it on a flat surface with a thick sheet of paper in between two layers so that the dirt does not spread. Once the mud is completely dry you can shake it and remove the mud. In case the dirt does not come off easily, you can use a blunt knife to remove it. For stiff fabric like denim, you can use a brush to scrub and remove the dry mud.

  • Pretreat the cloth: Apply liquid detergent on the mud. If you are using powdered detergent, then mix it with water and make a paste. Then apply it over the stain.

In case of a stubborn stain, you can use a stain remover available in local stores. Different types of stain removers with different formulas are available in the market. You can purchase one depending on how harsh the stain is.

Let it sit for around 15 minutes. Soaking the stain in detergent will help the stain to break down. You can then easily remove the stain.

In case the stain is all over the garment, then you can soak the entire garment in the detergent. If needed, you can even soak it overnight.

  • Washing the clothes: You can either hand wash or machine wash the cloth as per your choice.

In the case of machine wash, wash the cloth in the ‘heavily soiled’ setting of the machine. The water in this mode will be very hot. Thus, you can easily remove the stain. In the case of white clothes, you can add bleach in the recommended quantity to bring back the original color.

If the cloth is delicate, it is best to hand wash it. For this, you can fill a tub with warm water and detergent. You can use a scrub brush to remove the stain gently.

washing clothes

  • Dry the cloth: Once you remove the stain, you can put the fabric in the dryer mode of the machine. Alternatively, you can even air dry the fabric.

Sometimes, the mud stain or dirt cannot be removed even after following the above procedures. In the case of the delicate fabric, you might be apprehensive about rubbing and removing the stain because of the soft nature of the cloth. In such a situation, it is best to take the fabric to a dry-cleaning center.

Similarly, in the case of commercial establishments like restaurants, the washing load will be very high. It may not be possible to soak and clean every cloth. In such a situation also, you can seek the help of a restaurant laundry service who will have the required equipment and expertise to remove the stain without damaging the cloth.