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1 Stop Wash offers a range of hotel laundry services within London. Whether you’re an established or up and coming hotel, or just an Airbnb owner looking to outsource your laundry needs, rest assured we will tailor make a package that works just for you.


We provide FREE consultation to get an idea of the problem you’re facing, whether that’s the cleaning of your linen or the work wear of your staff. Rest assured, 1StopWash will hold your hand along the way to helping you provide a 5 star experience for your guests.


Due to the reliability and superiority of our service, we have helped a range of hotel and Airbnb owners to grow their business as they receive positive reviews from their respective guests.


Our partners have found tremendous value in the extra time and headspace our services have provided. Whilst we manage their laundry, they have found more time on managing and growing their hotel. This is the type of ‘strategic partnership’ we seek to be when finding hotel partners.


We take pride in finding the best quality linen or workwear and then delivering extraordinary service to our clients. Our partners also believe in these values which is why we have built out so many great relationships with hotel operators.


We sign off on a service level agreement with all our partners to make sure we are always sticking to our promise. If we aren’t, you are completely free to leave the agreement, we are that confident of our service.


The quality of your linen or workwear is a direct reflection of your brand, we don’t take this matter lightly. We only partner with suppliers that provide linen and workwear that is of the highest quality.

5 Secrets to Selecting the Right Laundry Partner

We have created a vital report on the 5 things you MUST know about before selecting the right laundry company to partner with. BE CAREFUL, if you don’t follow these tips, you could be pulling your hair out whilst fighting a legal battle that can cost your business thousands of pounds!

Bespoke Laundry Services For Your Hotel

Our range of hotel laundry services include linen hire, guest laundry services and workwear solutions. Our process starts with a FREE consultation where our experienced team of laundry advisors take the time to pinpoint what your problem is.


Please note this is a consultation, NOT a sales call. The purpose of the consultation is to understand your pains and directly coming up with a FREE plan to solve your problem. We take note of your target customer, location and budget before making this plan that is tailor made specific to your hotel or Airbnb.


If you are satisfied with the plan, we will then a sign a service level agreement, this agreement obliges us to deliver on our promise, if not, you are FREE to leave the agreement for NO CHARGE! Once we get you set up to our system, will begin delivering our excellent laundry services to your hotel or Airbnb.


Cleanliness and aesthetics are major factors that determine the feel of your hotel. Guests often have stronger affinity to a place that has the right colour blend and fabric setup. With our team of experts advising you on the right fabric fitment, you can guarantee to give your clients the feel of “luxury” on every visit.


Our hotel and Airbnb partners are assigned a dedicated account manager who manages the entire laundry operation, from making sure deliveries are on time to ensuring invoices are correctly made. Our primary objective is to take total care of your laundry needs so that you have one less thing to think about. Our service has allowed our hotel partners to use the freedom from laundry to focus on managing and growing their hotel or Airbnb.


Our hotel partners see us as key part of their business strategy. As they expand and look to open more sites, we are always part of the strategy behind this as we tweak our operation to keep in line with the growth of your business.


If you are also interested in selecting a laundry partner that supports you during your growth, then arrange a FREE consultation regarding our hotel laundry services today and let us create your laundry solution!

A bespoke service tailored for your business

Flexible packages

We are aware that business seasons vary and may be inconsistent for at various times of the year with this in mind we tailor our services to your business to help you make the most of business opportunities with flexible solutions. We help you optimize better for all seasons so that you’re covered.

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