Health Clubs

Whether you are a big fitness niche club or a boutique spa shop, 1 Stop Wash is here to partner with you to provide top of the range fluffy towels or workwear for your staff. Our round the clock logistics system ensures that deliveries are managed and done on time, week in, week out. We also supply uniquely coloured towels for those that have specific themes to their health clubs. Have your own towels? No problem, we will take care of the washing and drying of them so you can focus on what you do best.


1StopWash provides an extensive towel service for all Health clubs within London. We know how important quick turnaround is in the health club industry so we have a logistics system in place to fulfill orders on the dot. We have made sure that our towels are the fluffiest around so that this adds to the already 5 star experience you are giving to your clients. This is thanks to our unique washing and dry processes; it’s no wonder we have already helped so many London based Health clubs and Spas provide top quality towels for their clients


1StopWash specialises in providing top quality workwear to the health club industry. Our state of the art machines and unique washing processes ensure that your employees feel confident and clean when wearing our workwear. We have heavily invested into our logistics system to make sure all deliveries are done on the dot, week in, week out.

Join us on our mission to spread our care and community throughout London whilst also bringing eco friendliness to London’s best restaurants, bars, health clubs and Hotels!

Quality Assurance

We have done thorough research and testing to make sure the quality and durability of our linen is like no other.

Flexible Deliveries

We are extremely flexible for deliveries to keep up with the demands of our laundry partners.


We provide simple to read rolling contract’s with no string’s attached, no more dodgy laundry contracts!


We apply eco friendliness and sustainability to all parts of our business!