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Our Convenient London Dry Cleaning Service

At 1 Stop Wash it’s our mission to clean up the harmful chemicals in the traditional dry cleaning industry, proving we’re the best dry cleaners in London.


We use an eco-friendly process called wet cleaning – this uses biodegradable, health-friendly, non-toxic detergents instead of the potentially carcinogenic PERC widely used by traditional dry cleaners.


Anything with the dry clean label can be wet cleaned, and the gentler process results in a brighter, fresher, softer clean. Learn more about this by reading this.


Your clothes are handled by fully trained and experienced professionals who excel in the art of stain removal and finishing. Every piece of clothing is hand finished, ensuring you get the best service possible.


We clean all your clothes on site, not in a factory based outside of London. Pay us a visit and see how we work – you can ask any questions you might have about our cleaning process, and we’ll show you why we’re the best dry cleaners for you!


We are proud members of the Guild of Launderers & Dry Cleaners who take notice of our excellent standards of cleaning. We continue to broaden our horizons and keep up to date with the industry to look for new detergents that may provide a better clean. Rest assured, you are trusting a set of professionals when you book an order or come in store for a drop off.


We are really flexible when it comes to deliveries, we can provide turnaround in under 24 hours – we are one of the only dry cleaning companies that can offer this.


Need a same day dry cleaning service? Book in an order although be aware there’s a limited number of orders we allow this for in the day -so it works on a first come first serve basis!

Get 15% OFF your first order with the code NEW15

How much does 1 Stop Wash charge for its Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning?

That’s a great question – our pricing work depends on the item that is being cleaned. We have a prices page where we have estimates for how much it would cost to dry clean items such as trousers, suits, and shirts. However, you will see that it says ‘prices start from’, this is because we price them on an item to item basis. Although most items will be this price, some more delicate and expensive garments need extra care and this is reflected in the price.


Most traditional dry cleaners in London are quite expensive so you may be thinking, if we’re eco friendly, we must charge a premium right? No! We have a very fair pricing system that is cheaper than most dry cleaners even though we provide the most eco friendly and sustainable dry cleaning service in London.


Take a view of our full price list here and if you have any questions regarding items that are not listed here then please use the chat in the corner or email us for a quote!


Why not try our exclusive laundry service for London residents, we also use biodegradable detergents for this service to give your clothes a fresh and eco friendly wash.

Our Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning & Laundry Prices

We provide two laundry bags, one for each of our cleaning options

Ironed Laundry & Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Priced per item, our Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning option is for individual cleaning. Items are washed or dry cleaned as per their care label, ironed & delivered folded or on hangers

  • Men’s Shirts
    from £2.00
  • Trousers
    from £6.00
Folded Laundry

Priced per bag, our Folded Laundry option is for your everyday laundry. Items are washed at 30°C, gently tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery

  • 1x Folded Laundry bag
    £15 per bag (up to 4kg)
  • Additional kg
  • £3 each

Why should you use 1StopWash?


We are London’s ONLY independent and sustainable laundry company.

Green Clean

We use an eco friendly alternative to toxic dry cleaning, this method is called wet cleaning! In addition, the electricity we use comes from 100% green renewable resources!

Save Time

Most importantly, we can save upto a year of your lifetime by taking care of your laundry!

How does your Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning service work?

That is yet another great question! Did you know 1 Stop Wash were the first company in London to introduce an eco friendly alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process? We are now on a mission to raise awareness and deliver or service to the whole of London.


Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning’s proper name is called wet cleaning, it has been described to be a commercial handwash in simple terms. It uses water and biodegredable detergents to carry out a delicate wash of all garments including silk, linen, wool, cashmere etc.


The process begins with a spot clean where our professionals look for those specific stains on the clothes and apply the relevant detergents to remove them. After this, the clothes are then put into our wet cleaning machine where we choose the appropriate program depending on the material of clothes.


Our wet cleaning machine has nearly a hundred different programs which gives us the flexability to clean any type of garment. Whether it may be silk or linen, we have you covered!


Most importantly, this process doesn’t use toxic chemicals such as PERC, this is a chemical that is widely used by most traditonal dry cleaners including on demand ones. This makes our process safer for your health as well as the environment.


Wet cleaning is also energy efficient, it uses 20% less water and 50% less energy than traditional dry cleaning. Therefore this process is the clear winner for the future of dry cleaning services in London.


Now that you are enjoying our great service, why not share the love amongst your neighbours, friends and family through referral programme? Did you know if you refer a friend, they receive £10 off their first order and you receive £10 off your next order?! Crazy right? Just email us or let the delivery driver know you’re interested and we’ll get your unique code!