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1StopWash provides an excellent range of restaurant chef clothing for hire in London. Have your own chef wear? No problem, we will take care of the cleaning for you!


When chef’s or waiters feel more comfortable and confident, they are more likely to transfer this to the service they provide for customers. With this in mind, we have sourced chef clothing that is of premium quality and extremely durable; job satisfaction is guaranteed to sky rocket amongst your team of hardworking chef’s!


We know that managing the uniforms of staff can be a pain in the neck. That’s why we have a team of ‘problem solvers’ whose objective it is to find a bespoke solution that works best for your restaurant.


Our process begins with a FREE CONSULTATION where we ask a set of questions to find this solution. Our service comes with the management, cleaning, logistics and procurement of your chef clothing.


Our restaurant partners enjoy the extra time and head space we give them. It has helped them to grow their customer base and even open more sites; this is why restaurants decide to choose us a key ‘strategic partner’ to their business growth.


If you are too interested in selecting a laundry company that assists your business growth, then contact us now for your FREE consultation.


We sign off on a service level agreement with all our restaurant partners to make sure we are always sticking to our promise. If we aren’t, you are completely free to leave the agreement, we are that confident of our service.


The quality of your linen or workwear is a direct reflection of your brand, we don’t take this matter lightly. We only partner with suppliers that provide linen and workwear that is of the highest quality.

5 Secrets to Selecting the Right Laundry Partner

We have created a vital report on the 5 things you MUST know about before selecting the right laundry company to partner with. BE CAREFUL, if you don’t follow these tips, you could be pulling your hair out whilst fighting a legal battle that can cost your business thousands of pounds!

Chef Clothing Hire Service For London Restaurants

Life as a professional chef isn’t easy, in fact—it’s damn hard and that’s why your chef’s should go to battle wearing chef whites that make them feel superior! Our expert team includes people that have vast experience within the hospitality industry so rest assured, you will be talking to people who know what they’re doing when discussing our London based chef clothing service!


Our team have a simple primary objective, to alleviate your ‘head ache’ of laundry to save you time. Time that is better spent on growing your business.


The process begins with a FREE CONSULTATION where we take the time to study your kitchen, we ask a set of questions to get a rough idea of your business e.g number of chef’s you have operating in your kitchen. Please note the consultation is NOT a sales call, you will be talking to one of our laundry experts whose job it is to advise you best and ultimately solve your problem.


After gathering our information, we will then formulate a blueprint to carry out our service. In addition to some bonus features, our chef clothing service includes the procurement, cleaning, management, and logistics of all your chef clothing. We also hire out aprons, oven cloths and kitchen cloths which will also be discussed in the consultation if interested.


If you are then happy to move forward, we will then sign a clear service level agreement, get you set up on our systems and begin delivering on our promise. It’s as simple as that.


We can guarantee you will see an immediate increase in chef satisfaction as they begin wearing our highly comfortable clothing. Our fine-tuned system of organising your chef clothing will be a valuable asset to the smooth operation of your kitchen.


To keep this operation in line, restaurants will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will manage the system, tasks for account managers include keeping an eye on logistics as well as making sure invoices are correctly made.


We understand the difficulties of managing a busy restaurant, that’s why our aim is to provide a service that gives you time and headspace to focus on the growth and control of your kitchen.


Our restaurant clients see us a key part of their team as they look to grow their business. We are always fine tuning our operations to assist restaurants when they look to expand and open more sites.


If you are also interested in finding a suitable laundry partner that assists in your business growth, then arrange your FREE consultation today regarding our London based chef clothing solution.



A bespoke service tailored for your business

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We are aware that business seasons vary and may be inconsistent for at various times of the year with this in mind we tailor our services to your business to help you make the most of business opportunities with flexible solutions. We help you optimize better for all seasons so that you’re covered.

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