7 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know You Could Dry Clean!

Dry Clean

Unwritten rules, trepidation, and fear are often the order of the day when dealing with laundry. 

At that point, you find yourself wondering if your mink coat or cashmere is safe in the hands of your local dry cleaner. 

Well, you’re not alone. 

Despite the measly tag stating the obvious – dry cleaning only, most people prefer to hold back and try to wash the fabrics themselves. No doubt, this mostly ends in disaster; the total destruction of the fabric. 

To save yourself from such unpleasant circumstances, we, at 1 Stop Wash will take a look at the most important garments you didn’t know you could also dry clean.

As London’s only premium on-demand eco-friendly laundry service, we’ve come across a myriad of such situations. Therefore, to save yourself from such unpleasant circumstances, we have collated the top 7 clothing garments you didn’t know you could dry clean. 

Embellished Clothes

Hidden in your closet is probably a certain jacket embellished with lots of labels, beads, and perhaps some metal studs. Perhaps, you have a beautiful dress bedecked with a myriad of adornments. 

Irrespective of your type of embellished cloth, it’s often difficult trusting your dry cleaner to clean it effectively without losing the adornments. Well, your fears are mostly unnecessary since your dry cleaner is better equipped to wash it efficiently.

You must simply inform your cleaner at drop off that you require a delicate wash for your garment so that any decorative beads or studs don’t get removed, this will result in the cleaner choosing a specific program that decreases the spin speed of the wash.

1 Stop Wash method of cleaning (wet cleaning) specializes in delicate washes compared to traditional dry cleaning, find out why here. Therefore, we always get customers who come to us with their embellished clothes ensuring them that we can provide the clean they need!

Dark Colored Silks

Think your silk is too delicate for your dry cleaners? Think again! Although you can hand-wash most silk clothes, dark-colored ones are, however, difficult to maintain. Not only do you have to deal with the bleeding colors, but you also need to wash with the right water temperature, cleaning agent, and even the right form of drying. 

So, why go through the heartache of watching the fading of your favorite dark-colored silk? Your local dry cleaner is better equipped to handle this fabric without degrading the quality and color.

Silks is again a material that we at 1 Stop Wash specialize in cleaning due to our unique cleaning process, it is excellent at dealing with very delicate pieces of clothing.

Pleated Clothes

There’s a common problem with pleated clothes: the pleats vanish with the passage of time.

So, if your fabrics no longer have pleats, it’s time to hand it to your local dry cleaners!

Not only will they preserve the pleats, but they also have a re-pleating machine to restore lost or receding pleat patterns – how cool is that?


Despite the fact that there’s a fierce debate on the use of furs, you will deal with this material more damage by washing it at home.

First, washing fur at home causes the skin on the underside to shrink and lose its elasticity when exposed to water. 

Surely, you don’t want to damage that expensive mink or fox fur coat. Give it to professional dry cleaners who are experienced in handling these type of materials with ease. However, be careful and make the cleaners are expert in handing expensive garments. Be sure to check review of your local cleaners to see if good reputation of handing expensive garments.

Suede and Leather Jackets

Here’s another misconception: leather and suede jackets are easily maintained by washing at home.

Once again, this is far from the truth since you stand a high chance of ruining that smooth jackets when you wash them at home. Sending them off to the dry cleaners will reduce the chances of cracks and wrinkles in your leather jackets and suedes.

Most cleaners actually outsource this too as it requires very specialized chemicals and procedures to wash this.

Tough Stains

Hold on! Before you give up on that cloth because of a tough stain. No matter how tough the stains are, it’ll surprise you to know your dry cleaners are best equipped with an armload of cleaning agents to wipe them off.

Here at 1 Stop Wash, we pride ourselves in being tough stain removers, we have a variety of spotting liquids that are used for different types of stains such as blood, coffee, oil etc. Investment was put into training for stain removal to combat all the toughest stains on your garments!


Thinking of how to get that wine stain off your rug? Here’s a tip: before expending your energy trying to clean it out, a trip to your dry cleaner will save you from the stress.

It might surprise you to know that your local dry cleaning services often handle requests like rugs and even pet clothes. If the task proves too difficult to handle, your dry cleaners will pass it on to those with more expertise in that niche. Cleaners usually have a variety of partners to help them clean any type of item.

Wrapping Up

Today’s dry cleaning services such as 1 Stop Wash are far more equipped to handle a large variety of your laundry tasks with minimal to none hitch in operations. So, take note of these particular garments and items to extend and preserve the lifespan of your clothes.